2011-Jun-6, The actor Fu Lei attended the Anti-drug Commonweal Activity


On the morning of May 31 the press conference of The China Drug Control Volunteer Qinghai-Tibet Long Distance Auto Tour was celebrated. That supposed the beginning of the anti-drug commonweal activity participated by hundreds artists in Beijing.

Recently show-biz personages addiction events occurred frequently which brought negative effect to the show biz which was considered as drugs circle by the public opinion. The actor accepted: In in this condition there should be more people in performing circle to stand up to participate in drug control activities so that we can restore the power of the models.

Setting good examples to the society the people in the performing circle will gain the public trust. "Healthy entertainment, pursuing art." is our goal. “Refusing to be contaminated by evil influences.Living a sunshine life is our duty.Keeping away from the drugs.Participating in drug control activitiesis our slogan.Having a determined rapid and repeating action is our aim.

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