2011-Jun-6, The young actor Zhao Yang invited to attend the Anti-drug Commonweal Activity


On the morning of May 31 the press conference of The China Drug Control Volunteer Qinghai-Tibet Long Distance Auto Tour was celebrated. That supposed the beginning of the anti-drug commonweal activity participated by hundreds artists in Beijing.

Zhao Yang,a young actor of the National Theatre of China, was invited to attend the activity.In response to the call of “Cherishing life, Sunshine life” together with his Show-biz colleagues he read out the Anti-drug Written Proposal of Hundreds Artists.

In the year 2011 Zhao Yang participated in the filming of the movie The Other End Of The Rainbow and he have had a deep understanding about the hazard of drug addiction. Recalling his experience of visiting drug addicts in rehabilitation centers he still had a deep feeling. The scenes of the addicts overwhelmed with sorrow leapt before his eyes.Once addicted to the drug it will take us a lifelong time to abandon it and to overcome the intention to take it again. Drug is more horrible than we have imagined. He hoped that all his friends in the show biz including himself could keep away from drug and lead a sunshine life.

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