2010-July-22, Auto Tour Drug Control Volunteers Participate in Shandong Drug Control Broadcast
On July 20th, the China Drug Control Volunteer Long Distance Auto Tour motorcade arrived in Shandong.  The commander-in-chief of the motorcade, Shi Jianchun, along with several volunteers, accepted an invitation to be interviewed on"The Voice of Shandong”, a radio program produced by the Shandong Peoples Broadcast Station.  Representatives from the Jiangling Quanshun Auto Sales Company, Ltd. (a partner in a joint-venture with the Ford Motors Corporation, and this year’s official sponsor of the Long Distance Auto Tour), along with teachers and students from several of Shandong universities, also participated in the production.


China Drug Control Volunteer Long Distance Auto Tour is being Intervied By Qilu Broadcast

“Hippopotamus”, a Drug Control Volunteer and photographer who has participated in Drug Control Auto Tours in the past, said that the three things that have affected him the most this year are:  First, the remarkable spirit brought by the many youth volunteers participating in the Tour.  Second, the phenomenal organization of the various drug control promotional activities that have been held throughout the Tour.  And third, the unbelievable participation and support from so many different businesses for this year’s Tour.

Jiangling Quanshun Auto Sales Company, Ltd. President and General Manager Wang Lianyin said that his company has always considered participation in public charity a responsibility, and that drugs are the source of most problems in society.  For this reason, he feels that providing financial support for this year’s Drug Control Auto Tour is a great honor.

Lao Ma, An Anti-drug Volunteer is Giving a Speech

Shandong Architecture University retired Professor Zhang Tailong has been following the drug problem with interest for over 30 years.  His personal interest stems from the influence that drugs have had on his own family.  His paternal grandfather left them with an empty, rundown house, having sold everything to feed his drug addiction.  He explained that right now, many people in the world are focused on the AIDS issue, but there are more people with drug problems in the world than with AIDS.  Drugs greatly harm the user physically, and also affect the user’s family.  For this reason, the drug issue must be addressed from the earliest age.  Professor Zhang stays busy working as a volunteer for 6 different organizations.
Translator: Kewen Ma(Intern)

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