2010-July-21, Auto Tour Volunteers Discuss Drug Control at Shandong Youth Academy
In order to carry out the National Narcotics Control Commission’s "6 Steps Forward” drug control promotion program, which emphasizes improving drug control education in families, on campuses, work units, communities, villages, and places of entertainment, the China Drug Control Volunteer Long Distance Auto Tour motorcade arrived at the Shandong Political Sciences Youth Academy on July 20th to promote drug control to a group of over 100 students from several Shandong colleges and universities, and to discuss the implementation of solutions to drug related problems. 

A speaker from Beijing’s Educational Base of Forbidding Narcotics and Hallucinogens introduced the Drug Control Long Distance Auto Tour Activity and discussed the recent trends associated with contemporary drugs, as well as the harmful effects of these drugs in society.  She also had an open discussion with students about solutions, and encouraged them to actively participate in drug control promotion efforts, gain a greater understanding of the nature of the drug problem, and to join the ranks of the Drug Control Volunteer Corp.
Long Distance Auto Tour Drug Control Volunteers visit the Shandong Political Sciences Youth Academy to promote drug control.
Soon afterward, students learned more about the contemporary drug phenomenon through information posted on billboards throughout campus, and signed their names on the drug control banner as an expression of their support for drug control efforts.  Drug Control VOlunteers answered many of the students’ questions, such as:  “What exactly do drugs look like?”  “Ecstasy isn’t really addictive, is it?”  “Where has the Drug Prevention Auto Tour traveled to?”  “What does it take to be a Drug Control Volunteer?”  “How can I sign up?”  Everyone was pleased with the knowledge they gained, and resolved to share the information with their fellow students.  They also committed to pay more attention to drug control news in the future, and to participate in drug control promotional activities.  (Author:Yang Bing  ; July 20, 2010)
Translator: Kewen Ma(Intern)

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