"China drug control volunteer long distance auto tour” started in 2004 which was initiated by Beijing Drug Control Office and Beijing Drug Control Education Base, also cooperated by some provincial drug control committees.  The long distance auto tours are large scale drug control propaganda activities which have been carried out four times continually.

Mr. Liu Jie, the director of Beijing Anti-drug Education Base, was holding the Anti-drug kindling.
The first one was carried out In 2004 which was called China drug control volunteer long distance auto tour Central Route going between Beijing and Hu Men, Guang Dong province.  The second one was starting in 2005 and this auto tour was called North East Route, which was going between Beijing and Haerbing, Hei Long Jiang province.  The long distance auto tour started in 2006 was the South West Route which was going between Beijing and Hai Kou, Hai Nan province.  The 2007 China drug control volunteer auto tour was carried out among Beijing city.  The recent 2010’s one was going between Beijing and Tian Jing.
2006, Anti-drug Volunteer Ms.Liu ailing -- Former Women Foot Ball Player, was giving brochure to students
2004 China drug control volunteer long distance auto tour——Central Route
In the morning of June 12, 2004, the Central Route of China drug control volunteer long distance auto tour’s car team firstly started from Zhen Yang Gate, Beijing.  The car team passed through five provinces of He Bei, He Nan, Hu Bei, Hu Nan and Guang Dong.  The destination was the Hu Men Opium War Commemoration Hall. 
Along the 2600 kilometer car route, 14 cars and 53 volunteers consisted of the drug control auto tour, giving lectures, making surveys, setting up picture shows and organizing 10,000 people signatures, working together with local drug control officers and volunteers.  In the morning of June 24, 2004, the volunteer team came back to Beijing indicating the first victory of auto tour.  On June 26, all of the drug control volunteers who took the auto tour joined forces at the Chinese Century Temple to take part in the activities of “6.26” international drug control day.
In this action, wherever the drug control auto tour team reached, there was a drug control high wave.  All activities of the team were supported fully by the local people and received very good social effects.
2006,Sanya City, Hainan Prov. Anti-drug Volunteers were waiting for the Lightening of Anti-durg Kindling Flame
2005 Chin drug control volunteer long distance auto tour——North East Route
On June 9, 2005, China drug control volunteer car team started from Beijing.  During 8 days, they passed through 3 provinces of Liao Ning, Ji Lin and Hei Long Jiang going 2,800 kilometers.  The team organized various activities in the three provincial capital cities and two counties.  They sent out all kinds of drug control propaganda materials, and educated people in the        no-drug county, no-drug village, no-drug community, and no-drug school.  They also went to large country-owned enterprise like No. one Auto Factory.  Everywhere they carried out propaganda and education activities.  These actions drew attentions of several million people, and fully showed the drug control volunteer elegant demeanor.
This team consisted of 62 people including 24 old team members.  The famous actor Pu Cun Xin as Beijing drug control education volunteer took part in this auto tour for the second time.  At this North South Route tour, young actors Wang Xue Bing  and Dong Yong became the new drug control education volunteer.
June 9,2005, an anti-drug volunteer gave brochure to students
2006 China drug control volunteer long distance auto tour——South West Route
This auto tour as South West Route happened in the very south part of China, Hai Nan province.  The volunteer team collected kindling at the “Ends of the Earth” in Hai Nan province and carried it passing through Hai Nan, Guang Xi, Yun Nan, Gui Zhou, Chong Qing and Si Chuan.  Finally, the kindling was carried back to Beijing.  On “6.26” international drug control day, the team member lighted the beacon-fire at the Great Wall using the collected kindle in Hai Nan province.  It tended to call upon all the people to fight the drug and build up a great wall of drug control.
On May 25, 12 cars carried out the long distance tour.  During 27 day, the team went through 8000 kilometers.  They organized “hands in hands” activity between Chinese and Vietnamese drug control volunteers.  They sent out drug control propaganda materials, and did car going the rounds.  They went to the drug control centers and recruited drug control volunteers.  They tried their best to deepen the education of drug control.
This team consisted of 23 old team members and 17 new team members including journalists, camera men, actors, writers, lawyers, publishers, social workers and professionals.  This action got the support of Bing Chen International Advertising Group.
2007 China drug control volunteer long distance auto tour
From June 6 to 16, 2007, The auto team worked in 11 communities in Beijing, including Chao Yang, Hai Dian, Feng Tai, Xuan Wu districts and so on.  They set up drug control exhibition, and gave on-the-spot consultation.  They also showed propaganda films, sent out drug control materials, and recruited volunteers.
Translated By:  Mr. Zhao Dingsheng

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