2010-July-17, Anti-drug promotional activity in Wuchuan, Inner-Mongolia.

On July 15th, the China Drug Control Volunteer Long Distance Auto Tour motorcade drove more than 30 kilometers into Hohhot City, Wuchuan County to hold a drug control promotional activity. 


For the past three years, the county of Wuchuan, known for its advanced drug control efforts, has been designated as “4 No’s County” – no drug cultivating, no drug manufacturing, no drug trafficking, and no drug using.

Mr. Wu, one of the participants in the Long Distance Auto Tour and a master of calligraphy and painting, presents one of his masterpieces which he painted on site to the government of Wuchuan County.

81 year old Mr. Lei Long uses a writing brush to write the characters for the tour motto, “Anti-drug according to law, building a harmonious society”, and presents it to a Drug Control Volunteer to encourage them in their drug control efforts.

The Long Distance Auto Tour Drug Control Volunteers arrive at the home of a local community cadre member to discuss drug control efforts and share experiences.

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