2010-Dec-14, Popularize Anti-drug Awareness, Showing of Volunteers’ Vigor

With the opening of the 7th Beijing Youth Learning Festival & Beijing Winter Book Fair, the 20th Anti-drug Education Week is holding in Beijing Ditan Park from 26th, Nov. to 6th, Dec., themed "Popularize Anti-drug Culture and Show Volunteers’ Vigor”. There are many activities, such as the exhibition of "Volunteers’ Vigor”, Beijing Anti-drug Outstanding Volunteers Forum, Beijing Anti-drug Online webcast, professional volunteer base camp, performance of multimedia musical "Drugster" highlights , and 12.5 International Volunteer Day, and so on.

Anti-drug Education Week activities are large series of publicity and education activities co-sponsored by Beijing Anti-drug Education Base and Volunteer Corps of Beijing Narcotics Control, with the main objective of popularizing anti-drug knowledge and deepening anti-drug ideas. since 2002, Anti-drug Education Week takes Beijing Youth Learning Festival and Ditan Book Fair as a platform to organize a variety of education and publicity activities, such as theme parks, public performances, anti-drug literacy, and drug knowledge questionnaire. It covers million of people and generates favorable social effects. The participation of social celebrities, such as Pu Cunxin and Xu Tao, professors and experts from Peking University and Tsinghua University, makes the previous activities more scientific and friendly.
The exhibition of "Anti-drug Volunteers’ Vigor” runs through this activity. It takes anti-drug culture as a medium and combines static and dynamic methods, objects and images to show Beijing’s efforts in anti-drug culture areas. It further promotes the awareness of anti-drug work among the public, expands anti-drug education sphere position, promotes culture activities and attracts more social forces to participate in the anti-drug publicity. The exhibition contains Beijing Volunteers Automobile Ten Thousands Miles, Anti-drug Volunteers “Four Entry”, multimedia musical "Drugster" and a hundred volumes of anti-drug drama "Imperius".
As one of professional volunteers first recognized by Beijing Volunteers Association, Beijing Narcotics Control Volunteer Corps holds education campaign in the volunteer base camp during this week. The highlights of the multimedia musical "Drugster" will be performed in the drama carnival for promoting the anti-drug ideas into the public through the forms they love. In addition, the professional anti-drug detection machine used in the air will exhibited to the public for the first time.
During this Week, Beijing Narcotics Control Volunteer Corps has also organized about 10 volunteers to Beijing Public Security Bureau Narcotics Corps, to participate relevant work in the anti-drug base survey 2010 in Beijing. They fulfill their obligations and take actions to participate in the anti-drug work.
On 5th, December, the "12.5" promotional theme activity of the International Volunteer Day, “Popularize Anti-drug Culture and Show Volunteers’ Vigor”, sponsored by Beijing Narcotics Control Commission, Beijing Anti-Drug Education Base and Beijing Narcotics Control Volunteer Corps, has highlighted this Anti-drug Education Week. This activity takes anti-drug volunteers as the base and highlights the concept of humane care. Through the promotional forms such as Anti-drug Brands Show, Anti-drug Culture Works Exhibition, Anti-drug Volunteers Public Performances and  and Anti-drug Theme Decorative Arts Display on the Streets, it creates a strong anti-drug culture atmosphere on the International Volunteer Day and conducts a healthy and positive lifestyle.
In addition, Beijing Anti-drug Online also focus on some key words such as anti-drug culture, anti-drug volunteers and social participation and invites business representatives, representatives of anti-drug volunteers, and social workers to attend live broadcast room and comminute with the audience, netizens and listeners.

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