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Officially approved by Beijing Municipal Information Office, directly responsible for Beijing Narcotics Control Commission and Capital Committee of Public Security Commission, and hosted by Beijing Drug Control Educational Base, "Beijing Anti-Drug Online"website is a public benefit network with an independent domain name, aimed at providing Anti-drug publicity and education.

While providing various services to visitors, Beijing Anti-Drug Online will obey the following prompts, terms or conditions. Meantime, when using the services provided by Beijing Anti-Drug Online, visitors should abide by the rules, guidance, policies, terms or conditions applicable to concerning services as below. Beijing Anti-Drug Online reserves the rights to review, supplement, revise and update the rules, guidance, policies, terms or conditions published in this legal statement. When problems occur as above, Beijing Anti-Drug Online will give the public announcement on this website. Hereby, Beijing Anti-Drug Online demands your attention to carefully read all terms and in-time care about any changes in this legal statement.

Copyright Statement

All the content the Beijing Anti-Drug Online has recorded , includes but not limited to text reports, pictures, voices, videos, diagrams, signs, Ads, trademarks, trade names, domain names, software, programs, layouts, column catalogue and names, taxonomy of contents, as well as any or all the information offered for net citizens , are protected by the Copyright Law of the People's Republic of China, the Trademark Law of the People's Republic of China, the Patent Law of the People's Republic of China, and applicable to International Conventions related to copyrights, trademark rights, patent rights along with, or other property right laws, belonging to Beijing Anti-Drug Online and/or relevant rights obligees.

People who using these contents and services for non-commercial, non-profitable, non-advertising purposes, but only for individual consuming, should abide by copyright laws and other relevant laws, should not be allowed to violate rights of Beijing Anti-Drug Online and/or relative rights obligees.

People who using these contents and services for commercial, profitable and advertising purposes, should obtain the special written authorization of Beijing Anti-Drug Online and/or relevant obligees, specify the origins of writers and articles as Beijing Anti-Drug Online, and pay for the royalty according to relevant International Conventions and laws of the People's Republic of China.

Without the special written authorization of Beijing Anti-Drug Online, whoever modifies, issues, sends, reships, copies, reproduces, changes, disperses, performs, exhibits or utilizes part or all of contents and services of Beijing Anti-Drug Online, or copy image on server not belonging to Beijing Anti-Drug Online, will be investigated for legal responsibility for infringement. In particular, all the soft wares used by the website belong to Beijing Anti-Drug Online or its software supplier, protected by the Copyright Law of the People's Republic of China and Universal Copyright Convention. Unless special explanations for sale or free download, any other purpose includes, but not limited to copying, modifying, distributing, unloading, publishing, exhibiting, demonstrating or reverse engineering is strictly prohibited.

Declaration on the protection of private information and the right of privacy

China626.com acknowledges, respects and protects any private information and the right of privacy provided by visitors according to the civil law of PRC. When visitors receive service from www.china626.com, we will protect visitors'private data and confidential information under our policy which is continually updated.

China626.com will not reveal any visitors' information to other individuals or companies without visitors'permission. However, if we are requested to provide special service, supporting service or delivery service to visitors, we will provide visitors'names and addresses to the third-party service providers such as transportation companies.

China626.com will sign an agreement with third-party service providers, which emphasized that service providers must guarantee that they will not reveal any visitors'information. Visitors' information might be shared by third-parties only if there's some activities such as on-line sales promotion, but we will also let visitors know how to reject such a service.

If there's no special announcement or declaration , visitors'information will be only used by China626.com for the following purposes:
(1) To be better known of the visitors;
(2) Providing personalized services for visitors;
(3) Online lucky-draw or presents delivery;
(4) Delivering targeted advertising or information to visitors;
(5) To launch new products and service;
(6) To provide information and service that visitors might be interested;
(7) For any evaluation and analysis. Quality services provided by China626.com are based on the accuracy of the information offered by visitors.

In the following circumstances, China626.com will have to provide visitors'information to related departments: (1) To meet the requirements of domestic law; 
(2) In case of emergency or safety consideration of the public security department.
China626.com will dedicated to protect visitors'private information and the right of privacy, and to ensure the safety of such information. With the rapid development of Internet techniques, we will keep the policy updated and all reeditings will be announced on China626.com. Comments and questions are always welcomed.

Internet Security Policy Statement

Beijing Anti-Drug Online's declaration of this legal statement is aimed at advancing the rules of publicity, knowing and agreement based on which the trust and faith of internet users are established. Due to the promise made by our website of keeping the users information as secret, and providing them with secure and stable networking environment, Beijing Anti-Drug Online hopes to obey the international common practice of Internet industry through revealing security policy and protection policies of personal information and privacy rights on the website, and to accept the supervision from website members and the public.

Beijing Anti-Drug Online welcomes and encourages anyone to raise reasonable proposals on network security through proper procedures. Any hacking will be opposed, such as breaking to others' network with illegal, improper and immoral means. On appropriate accessions, Beijing Anti-Drug Online will participate in or establish the plans for keeping information as secret and the internet security.


Except the specified service articles of Beijing anti-drug online, we will not be responsible for and do not bear any legal responsibility for the accidents, negligence, contract damage, defamation, computer virus infections, copyright or other intellectual property disputes and losses which result from any use of this web sit or any other website or web page connected with this web site. In particular, the contents and services on this web are provided "as it is", and there is no collateral of any kind, either express or implied warranties, including the market suitability of any materials, non-infringement of intellectual property or fitness for a particular purpose. In any case, Beijing anti-drug online or its suppliers do not have legal responsibility for any damage compensation (including but not limited to loss of profits, business interruption and loss of information loss, etc.) resulting from these materials that can be used or can not be used, even if the Beijing anti-drug online had been informed that the possibility of such damages.

All the information provided by Beijing anti-drug online is based on the current situation at the time and we have already done the obligations of cautious before publication. If any information changes, we will not inform it alone and will not undertake any guaranty responsibility for any one who wishes to obtain the accuracy, effectiveness, time, or completeness of the information, especially not for any goods on this site mentioned services quality or functionality. Goods or services purchased through Beijing anti-drug online is entirely up to the goods or service providers to take full responsibility; If there is any flaw or security responsibilities, nothing is related to this website.

Unless policy of the protection of personal information and privacy published on this site further stated, any data, information or contents of communication that was transmitted or sent by visitors to us is considered non-confidential and non-proprietary and Beijing anti-drug online has no communication confidentiality obligations. Beijing anti-drug online and her specific companies should free copy, disclose, distribute, combine or use the communication information and all of the data, graphics, sound, text and other related information for the commercial or non-commercial purpose. We forbid any visitors to send or transmit any unlawful threatening, libelous, defamatory, obscene, pornographic content or other law-breaking information. For the result caused by those data, visitors should undertake any possible civil tort or criminal liability, which has nothing to do with the Beijing anti-drug online.

Declaration of law application and Jurisdiction

China626.com will operate strictly according to the relevant laws and policies of PRC. As certain web contents might be illegal in some other countries or regions, China626.com claims that we do not guarantee our web contents will be legal to use in any other countries or regions out of PRC. (China Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao special administration region are not included because they apply to different law).  People who Visit China626.com are based on their own accord, please be noticed that you have obey the laws and policies of your country or region.

All individuals or organizations that want to have litigations with China626.com about our web contents, services or rules announced, in order to solve the problem, both parties should firstly agree to accept negotiation demand, and we all accept litigation if both parties will not reach an agreement or solution in 30 days. If the other party relative to China626.com (Individuals, companies or organizations) is from PRC, the case should be submitted to Beijing arbitration committee. If the other parties is from a country or region out of China (Foreign invested company, Foreigners, Hong Kong Special Administration Region, Macao Special Administration Region, Taiwan Company or person), as a policy of China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission, the case will be abided in Beijing. Unless the arbitral court has a special requirement or judgment, China626.com will not stop providing information and services, even if there is a content of dispute.

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