2013-Jul-20, Drug Control Volunteer and Policeman appealed to the Improvement of Drug Control Education
Shi Jianchun and Li Lixin, guested in the TV studio of People website and talked with netizen on drug control education and problems that drug addicts would meet when they re-step into to society.


On June 27th, the deputy captain of VBNCA, Shi Jianchun and Policeman from Compulsory Treatment Management Office, Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau,  Li Lixin, guested in the TV studio of People website and talked with netizen on drug control education and problems that drug addicts would meet when they re-step into to society.Shi Jianchun(in the middle) and Li Lixin(on the left) talked about drug control education in TV studio of People website as guests.

Shi Jianchun and Li Lixin both worked in the forefront of drug control. They analyzed current problems and embarrassed situation of drug control education, and presented their opinions on development of drug control education in the future.

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