2013-Mar-5, III. Initiating an upsurge on anti-drug publicity and education during
Mr. Meng Jianzhu successively paid inspection visits to Guiyang and Shenzhen, met drug addicts under treatment and extended his regards to grassroots anti-drug staff.

In June, H. E. Mr. Meng Jianzhu, State Councilor, Commissioner of NNCC and Minister of Public Security, successively paid inspection visits to Guiyang and Shenzhen, met drug addicts under treatment and extended his regards to grassroots anti-drug staff. Mr. Zhang Xinfeng, Vice Commissioner of NNCC and Vice Minister of MPS, made a special trip to Yunnan and Fujian, inspected the drug treatment and rehabilitation work and participated in anti-drug publicity and education activities. High level officials in 26 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities attended local anti-drug publicity and education activities.
Large-scale activities have been carried out successively: the “blue knot action” which is a mother anti-drug alliance on “cherishing life and caring family” launched in 129 counties in Hunan province; the anti-drug summer camp and children’s painting competition on anti-drug theme conducted in Beijing; the anti-drug lecture tours addressed both in Sichuan and Fujian; publicity campaigns on “protecting children from drugs” initiated in Liaoning, etc.

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