2013-Jan-21, Ⅱ. Development of the People’s War against Drugs - THE REGULATIONS ON DRUG TREATMENT
The Regulations on Drug Treatment was promulgated and went into effect on June 26, 2011.

On June 26, 2011, the Regulations on Drug Treatment was promulgated and went into effect. It has established such a working system of drug treatment combining drug treatment, rehabilitation guidance and assistance service, in which governments take unified leadership, drug control commissions serve as organizer, coordinator and guider, relevant authorities take respective responsibilities, and social forces get extensively involved. It also stipulates that drug treatment shall be carried out under the principle of people-orientedness, scientific treatment, comprehensive correction, as well as care and assistance. As a complementary administrative regulation to the Drug Control Law, based on the past law enforcement practice and pilot experience on compulsory, detained and other drug treatment, the Regulations on Drug Treatment stipulates comprehensively the liability subject of voluntary drug treatment, community-based drug treatment, compulsory drug treatment and community-based rehabilitation, along with the working mechanism, rights and obligations of the drug addicts and their safeguard measures. The Regulations, which fully embodies the anti-drug determination and intensity of the Chinese government, will play an important role in regulating the drug treatment and rehabilitation, helping drug addicts detoxified, popularizing the anti-drug awareness as “yes to life, no to drugs”, and maintaining social order.

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