2014-Jan-14, Popular science class was brought to migrant schools
The activity"Popular science class”  by Beijing Educational Base of Forbidding Narcotic & Hallucinogen  aimed to popularize drug control knowledge among migrant elementary schools, make students know drugs and its harm better and improve self-protection skills.

Students of Bowen School were watching exhibition boards

Students of Hongshan School were studying the foldout

Beijing Educational Base of Forbidding Narcotic & Hallucinogen brought “Popular science class” to some migrant schools in Chaoyang District between October and November last year. The activity aimed to popularize drug control knowledge among migrant elementary schools, make students know drugs and its harm better and improve self-protection skills.

Ten migrant schools located in Chaoyang District were chosen for the activity. The popular science class was carried out there. More than 500 students of Grade 5 or 6 received interactive drug control education, which included class teaching, experiencing PC games of drug control, participating interactive games, and watching cartoon exhibition boards and short animated films.

Besides, the participant students were asked to fill in a questionnaire which could help analyze the students’ drug knowledge and their drug preventing skills, and evaluate teaching effect.

All the participant students mentioned that they enjoyed the class. They not only learned knowledge, but joined games and role playing. It’s easy and interesting to learn from playing. Some school teachers also said that the drug control class was suitable for pupils, the exhibition boards and teaching mode were recognized by the students.

The deputy director of Beijing Educational Base of Forbidding Narcotic & Hallucinogen, Shi Jianchun, who was the person in charge of this activity, said, “This time we develop drug control education aiming at migrant schools. It’s a trial for synthetic drug education project in the whole country. We also practice our concept of synthetic drug education in elementary schools. On the initial stage, Office of Beijing National Narcotics Control Commission gave us professional instruction, Science and Technology Commission of Chaoyang District partly funded it. Chaoyang administration station of running school by non-governmental sectors promised the activity smoothly. And our base provided the practical teaching. Different parts cooperate to make it more effortless.”

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