In the year of 2012, the Chinese Anti-drug career has been further enlarged and the spreading tendency of synthetic drugs has been gradually suppressed. 

Ministry of Public Security (MPS), the narcotics control agencies nationwide, by centering on the overall planning of the central government on maintaining the social harmonious and stability, strengthening social management innovation, focused on solving high-profiled drug issues by balancing drug demand and supply reduction, and by making efforts to deepen various working initiatives, through which the success on the fight against heroin has been further enlarged and the spreading tendency of synthetic drugs has been gradually suppressed. New and tangible progress has been made by vigorously promoting the People’s War against Drugs.
Social awareness of drug control has been constantly enhanced through extensive publicity and education. By implementing the Guideline on Deepening Drug Control Publicity and Education among All People, and focusing on the theme of “juvenile and synthetic drugs”, all social walks of life have been mobilized; various forms of anti-drug publicity and education campaigns have been influentially launched, which create a strong atmosphere for drug prevention in the society.
Drug treatment and rehabilitation has been actively innovated in a way to educate and rescue drug abusers for their social reintegration. By taking the study, publicity and implementation of the Regulations on Drug Treatment and Guideline on Identification of Drug Addiction as an opportunity, the structural, mechanistic and indemnificatory obstacles confronting drug treatment and rehabilitation have been further pushed to address, the drug social harm has been effectively reduced by tightly centering on the theme of innovation in social management, positively exploring humanized management and service mode and vigorously promoting various measures on drug treatment and rehabilitation.
Great impetus has been given to drug law enforcement to restrain the spread of drug crimes. By maintaining the principle of proactive and severe attack against drug crimes, the computer-based drug blocking and interdiction has been solidly advanced; a series of enforcement operations have been launched; assessment methods of drug law enforcement have been formulated and implemented; the working mechanism of targeted drug cases has been perfected; the law enforcement on huge case cracking, street-level drug trafficking striking and fugitives pursuing have been enhanced, and the rectification in drug intensity regions have been promoted, all of which effectively hold the domestic and foreign drug criminals in awe.
Administration on legitimate drugs has been further promoted and the diversion of precursor chemicals has been effectively controlled. Through highlighting on key categories, high-profiled issues and weak links, focusing on pooling the supervision, inspection and back tracing, a number of criminal cases of illicit sale, purchase and trafficking of precursor chemicals have been uncovered, which strictly prevented and struck hard on criminal activities involving precursor chemicals and also effectively suppressed the diversion of those controlled substances.
International cooperation on drug control has been vigorously boosted. A favorable environment has been fostered for domestic drug control by earnestly fulfilling international obligations, actively participating in regional and international multilateral drug control cooperation mechanisms, and constantly promoting bilateral anti-drug cooperation. An overall pattern for international cooperation on drug control has been formed, in which relevant authorities jointly participated, their respective duties fulfilled, and the strategic communication, enforcement cooperation, judicial assistance, experience sharing and professional training integrated.
Drug control infrastructure has been strengthened and anti-drug capability has been enhanced. Greater efforts have been made to boost drug control informatization construction, enforcement standardization and team building, which fully promoted the structural, mechanistic and indemnificatory work of drug control. The technical support services for the fight against drugs have been provided by speeding up the construction of the Drug Intelligence and Forensic Center (DIFC) and the Drug Intelligence Analysis System (DIAS), strengthening intelligence analysis and its practical application, and driving the profiling analysis in the National Drug Laboratory into full capacity.
In 2012, by earnestly implementing a series of important directives made by the state leaders on drug control, the narcotics control agencies nationwide will organize and coordinate all relevant localities, departments and police forces to do a better job. Unremitting efforts will be made to solidly promote the People’s War against Drugs, thoroughly implement the Drug Control Law and the Regulations on Drug Treatment, and contribute to a constant improvement in domestic anti-drug situation and a harmonious and stable society.

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