2012-Sep-10, Brief introduction of 2012 Ten Thousand-Mile Autocar Trip of Chinese Narcotics control volunteers
2012 Ten Thousand-Mile Autocar Trip of Chinese Narcotics control volunteers which covered three provinces and two municipalities was hosted by Chinese Association of Drug Abuse and Treatment and VBNCA, and was undertaken by Beijing Educational Base of Forbidding Narcotic & Hallucinogen.

2012 Ten Thousand-Mile Autocar Trip of Chinese Narcotics control volunteers which covered three provinces and two municipalities was hosted by Chinese Association of Drug Abuse and Treatment and VBNCA, and was undertaken by Beijing Educational Base of Forbidding Narcotic & Hallucinogen, Office of Beijing National Narcotics Control Commission, Office of Shandong National Narcotics Control Commission, Office of Jiangsu National Narcotics Control Commission, Office of Zhejiang Beijing National Narcotics Control Commission and Office of Shanghai Beijing National Narcotics Control Commission. Numerous media supported this large scale public welfare activity.
This activity was launched on June 2nd, and lasted three months. It was composed of three stages. Narcotics control education was developed in Beijing on the first stage from June 2nd to June 28th. Relevant publicizing activities were held in different cities on stage two. The car team went to Shandong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai. They visited 15 cities, and the journey ranged about 5,600 miles. The team came to some public places to publicize narcotic control knowledge. The team members communicated with volunteers and social workers. They also visited rehabilitation organizations. The car tour was held to publicize narcotic control knowledge. This time the organizing committee set a ‘temporary post office of ten thousand mile trip of China Narcotics Control’. A mobile post car was specially equipped. It provided narcotic control folders, customized stamps and postcards. People could get ‘ten thousand mile trip temporary post stamp’ and souvenir stamp at the temporary post office. The publicizing group would present the achievement of this activity and the relevant exhibition would be showed on the third stage in August.
The car team includes more than 30 members. Previous experienced volunteers and new members joined the team. They come from different region, who are professional in narcotics control, journalists, calligraphers, actors, social workers, freelances, respectively.
Jianglin Motor Co. Ltd (JMC) guaranteed this activity successfully, which provided six cars for interviewing, organizing committee and logistics. JMC also provided a series of services for this activity. It is the continuous third time for JMC to sponsor ten thousand miles trip.
Ten Thousand-Mile Autocar Trip of Chinese Narcotics control volunteers was born in 2004, which was supported by Office of China National Narcotics Control Commission, Central Committee of Chinese Communist Youth League, and relevant administrations. Abundant enterprises and volunteers were involved. Since then the car team has finished 6 routes such as central trip, northeast trip, southwest trip, Beijing neighborhood trip, north China trip and Gan-Shan-Qing-Ning trip. Every time the car team would throw a stone in the water in the local place. The public showed great interest in the activity.
This time the trip remained its own features and took new modes to develop narcotics control education. At the same time, it took advantage of this platform and tried to integrate different resources like sponsors, media and volunteers and investigate new modes of drug prevention education and narcotics control publicizing.

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