2010-May-26, Welcome! VIPs from Russian Federal Drug Control Service Delegation

On May 26th, 2010, Russian Federal Drug Control Service Delegation Visits Beijing’s Educational Base for the Forbidding of Narcotics and Hallucinogens

A delegation from Russia’s Federal Drug Control Service including Director Ivanov, Assistant Director Kiko, and Advisor Vysotsky, accompanied by the Ministry of Public Security's Narcotics Control Department Assistant Director Zhao Yu and Director Zhao Wenzhong of the Beijing Narcotics Control Commission's Office of Administration, toured the Beijing Educational Base for the Forbidding of Narcotics and Hallucinogen’s exhibition hall and watched a rehearsal of the anti-drug musical drama “Addicts”.  Afterwards, both sides conducted an exchange of ideas about current drug education and drug control issues within their respective countries.

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