2010-Jan-10, A Multilateral Anti-drug Enforcement Cooperation Meeting Held in Guilin

China, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, A Multilateral Anti-drug Enforcement Cooperation Meeting Held in Guilin from December 8 to 9.

Over the years, China, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam are members of “ASEAN and China”, an anti-drug cooperation mechanism. The four members have been strengthening cooperation, and established good bilateral and multilateral cooperative relations which forms effective anti-drug enforcement and information-sharing mechanism, so as to promote the continuous development of anti-drug cooperation in this area.
For years, aiming at the strict situation of drug crime in this area, the four countries have vigorously strengthened information-sharing and enforcement cooperation, captured a series of cross-country cases of drug manufacturing, smuggling and transporting, and become the successful model of international anti-drug cooperation, winning high praises from the international community.  Currently, international situation is changing greatly, worldwide drug crime activities are running wild, and anti-drug fight is faced with new challenges. In this situation, we should actively face up with challenges, further improve bilateral and multilateral anti-drug cooperation mechanism, accelerate the establishment of anti-drug enforcement connecting mechanism of the four countries, strengthening information-sharing, conduct joint action, strike together drug trafficking, and effectively keep down “Golden Crescent” drug activities in this area. The opening of this meeting fully shows the sturdy confidence and determination of these four countries to fight with cross-country drug crime which is significant for further deepening international anti-drug enforcement cooperation, improving bilateral and multilateral anti-drug cooperation mechanism, and promoting anti-drug fight situation ahead in this area.

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