2009-10-23, Indonisian Narcotic Control Committee come to visit Beijing Anti-drug Education Base

Oct.14, Mr. Ahwil Lutan and his Indonisian Nacrotic Control Committee come to visit Beijing Anti-drug Education Base for a experience exchange.


                                    Visiting of Tian tanghe Drug treatment and Rehabilitation Center

Oct. 13th 2009, invited by China Anti-drug Office, the Indonesian National Narcotics Controlling Commission Senior Advisor Ahewei Rutan, and other members of Indonesian National Narcotics Controlling committee delegation, in total 12 people, arrived in Beijing to carry out the exchange of anti-drug work.


                                               Experiences exchange of drug treatments 

In the morning of 14th, the Indonesian National Narcotics Controlling committee delegation firstly visited the Tiantang River Drug Rehabilitation Center, which is in the suburbs of Beijing. Beijing Tiantang River drug rehabilitation center is an integrated voluntary drug rehabilitation center, which has physical rehabilitation, psychological rehabilitation, vocational training, and career guidance. Since opening in February 2007, it cures more than 400 people, helps these to succeed in drug rehabilitation and guides them to return to community.


                                                visiting of Beijing antidrug education base

Under the guide of the staff, the delegation visited the rehabilitation center’s the various facilities in detail, including living accommodation area, to studying and rehabilitation area, the medical supporting area, and detoxification treatment area, etc. Mr. Ahewei Lutan visited and asked some questions, "How are anti-drug personnel here living?" "How long is the general recovery time?" and other issues. The staff gave all questions detailed answers. In the reading room, the delegation had a brief conversation with the rehabilitation people, who were reading


                                                  visiting of Beijing antidrug education base

In the afternoon, Indonesian National Narcotics Controlling committee delegation came to Beijing anti-drug education base to visit. In the company of Zhao Wenzhong, director of the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau Narcotics Division, and Shi Jianchun, deputy director of Beijing anti-drug education base, the delegation examined in detail the anti-drug education pavilion. Delegation members showed high interests for the pavilion design and the exhibits, took pictures and asked the stuff questions. Mr. Ahewei Lutan personally was involved in an interactive game "You of drug abusing", and expressed his admiration to the Beijing anti-drug education base’s high-tech tools to carry out anti-drug education.


                                      Mr. Ahewei Lutan gave a message for the anti-drug education base

At last of the visiting, Mr. Ahewei Lutan and the director Mr. Zhao Wenzhong exchanged souvenirs, and Mr. Ahewei Lutan wrote: Anti-drug exhibition is very informative, very good!

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