Chinese national center of anti-drug education & prevention to Thailand for the training program

From March 23 to 31 in 2008, ShiJianchun, deputy director of Chinese national model Educational Base of Forbidding Narcotic & Hallucinogen, as the leader of the delegation, with other four trainees, went to Thailand to participate in the training course of “the social development and young professionals of the narcotics prevention”. The training program was held by ACCORD and Thailand Anti-drug Commission Office, the contents of which included “narcotics knowledge”, “the importance of teenagers on drug prevention education”, “choose to build Project Team”,” the leader skills of young professionals”, “team activities” and “how to use anti-drug displaying to help the youth far from drugs”. 55 young professionals from 11 countries including the ASEAN and China had participated in this training program.

During the 10 days of training, the Chinese delegation introduced the work of anti-drug prevention education as well as the overview of Chinese national model Educational Base of Forbidding Narcotic & Hallucinogen to different countries. Besides, the members of the delegation told about the work and role in anti-drug related field of the base with the subjects of “conduct anti-drug education by featured activities”, “Take the internet as a carrier to carry on anti-drug education” and “conduct anti-drug education in special spots”.

The communication with anti-drug young workers from different countries strengthened the awareness of Chinese delegation to know about the importance of “narcotics prevention education” and at the same time enriched the professional knowledge of narcotics prevention young professionals. Besides, by new and multiple team activities, the delegation had improved capabilities of planning , organization on conducting anti-drug prevention education, and established good relations with young professionals and workers of anti-drug prevention education from 10 countries, such as Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, Burma, Laos and Indonesia, which laid a good foundation for the international cooperation of conducting anti-drug prevention education activities between China and other countries.

Shijianchun, the leader of Chinese national model Educational Base of Forbidding Narcotic & Hallucinogen, said that the training is a scarce international narcotics prevention education activity which offered good opportunities for anti-drug workers from different countries. He hoped that this kind of training should be carried on in depth and over a long period of time and that some academy research on special project of anti-drug prevention education should be set up. Moreover, it will be beneficial to establish long-term international exchange mechanism such as holding ACCORD online salon, BBS for each term trainees and so on, which will promote the work of anti-drug prevention education in the ASEAN and China.

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