2010-Dec-08, Beijing anti-drug base visited Jiangsu for exchange

September 16, 2010, delegation led by Dong Guang, who was deputy direction of Beijing anti-drug volunteer Mission Corps and director of Beijing anti-drug online website, came to Nanjing, Jiangsu Province to exchange information and study. 

With arrangement of Jiangsu Provincial Public Security Bureau Narcotics Division, the delegation went to Jiangsu anti-drug exhibition hall in presidential palace. The museum saved a large number of documents and valuable in-kind exhibits, including only two of the coca plant specimens and specimens of babies born with deformities caused by drug abuse, and a large number of historical documents from Opium War to the Republic of China. Interactive games, "Yong catch drug traffickers", were popular with young people and combined drug education exercise. These were many members of the delegation amazing and felt very productive.
Afternoon, the delegation came to the Jiangsu Provincial Public Security Bureau Narcotics Division, and communicated with related anti-drug publicity and education leaders working on the exchange forum. The two sides discussed the institutional strengthening anti-drug propaganda, anti-drug organization, using of volunteers and how to carry out anti-drug publicity for young people. They briefed each other on their respective experience in recent years to carry out anti-drug work and experience, and to further strengthen cooperation agreement in future.

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