Intervention with Music Psychological Drama on Motivation of Drug Abstention in Heroin Addicts
Psychological intervention is very important to addicts rehabilitation as we all know.


Psychological intervention is very important to addicts rehabilitation as we all know , the objective of the study is to explore the effect of intervention with music psychological drama on motivation of drug abstention and relapse prevention in heroin addicts.


Sixty-two female heroin addicts were randomly divided into control group(n=31) and experimental group(n=31). The experimental group was intervened with music psychological drama for 12 weeks, and the control group was not intervened. The motivation for drug abstention and relapse prevention of the experimental group was compared with that of before intervention and the control group.  


After 12 week intervention, the experimental group’s motivation for drug abstention increased obviously(T=2.279, P =0.026< 0.05),compared with that of control group,and it also increased compared with that of before intervention. As the experimental group was intervened from family ingredient, the change of motivation of abstention had close relationship with the “family reason” (r=0.364).The relapse rate within three months in the experimental group(58.06%,18/31) was higher than that of the control(35.48%,11/31), but there was significantly difference(P>0.05).  


The efficacy of intervention with music psychological drama on motivation of drug abstention is obvious. But there is no significant efficacy on relapse prevention. Some skills of music psychological drama are not suitable for use because of culture difference.

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