The service conception of Methadone clinic need advance
By far in China, Methadone clinic is the only professional agency for the opium-addicts to voluntarily give up taking drugs.

By far in China, Methadone clinic is the only professional agency for the opium-addicts to voluntarily give up taking drugs. Its goal is to provide a healthy detoxification-service for the opium-addicts, so that let them return to the normal social life. In this 2007 and 2008 years, there are nearly 400 Methadone clinics opened in China, instead of public security system, their supervision branches are gradually taken charge by health system. Obviously, this change means that the social function of Methadone clinic is changing from management of addicts into service for the addicts.

This shift has made considerable achievement in society; however the Methadone clinic is the new rising special medical-aid agency that has few experiences. I have been working for detoxification and rehabilitation of addicts for a long time, based on the long-term and lots of clinic practice, I find that Methadone clinic is far from perfect at the function of detoxification and rehabilitation. In my opinion, in order to further advance the working progress, the human-oriented service conception needs to be intensified. So we should practically and realistically resolve the problems standing that before us and adopt some relevant measures. 

Firstly, it should be clear that after the detoxification treatment, the reasons for addicts to relapse are complicated. Always, the addicts have many mental stresses in the work and domestic life; such stresses will eventually become the inducement for relapse. So when they take Methadone at clinic, there should be a normative mental-healing group that effectively prevents from taking drugs again.  Unfortunately, the present Methadone clinic only remains at the function of the management and distribution of Methadone. That makes the service for the addicts simple and weak. So I think if every Methadone clinic opens a mental-healing group and introduce some psychologist experts and social workers who have the clinic experience, to help the addicts conquer all the mental problems in work and daily life, certainly it would be helpful for them to cultivate the personal integrity and decrease the rate of relapse. By this way, the social function of Methadone clinic can be advanced from detoxification to rehabilitation.    

Secondly, during the process of detoxification and rehabilitation, the cooperation from the family members is also very important. During my work, I find that the mastery families didn’t notice that the detoxification and rehabilitation is a long-term and arduous job, they simply believe that as long as their relative addict persistently take Methadone, he/she will completely get rid of drugs. Furthermore, many family members didn’t know how to help addicts conquer the addiction during the daily life; and some had many barriers in communication with the addicts because of the long-term influence from their bad behaviors. These factors played a nonnegligible bad role in relapse. So, it would be helpful to open a mutual assistance group which provides the training lessons targeting on each family members’ problems. In the group, the experienced family members will introduce their stories. By this way, every family member’s problems will be quickly resolved. 

Thirdly, due to the fact that the social discrimination towards the addicts still exists, so among the addicts there exists the subculture circle that leads the addicts don’t fully trust the normal people. I have an example: the addicts prefer to talk with other addict rather than talk with me on the some topic and they intend to accept the words from the people who had the drug-taking history. Because in their sub consciousness, they thought that the normal people can not understand their feeling and the difficulty of detoxification. To deal with this problem, Methadone clinic can choose the former addicts, who are free from drug now and conduct the good behavior to join the rehabilitation group, share their experience on detoxification and let them make full use of their companion-education function. It will get twice the result with half the effort.

Finally, in order to achieve the goals mentioned above and develop the rehabilitation work without obstacles, the management system should be established to arrange every step of detoxification and rehabilitation in Methadone clinic; and the relevant principles and operation mechanism should be stated. By this way, the working-flow would be effective at the long-term perspective. Totally, the social function of Methadone clinic can certainly be further opened up. The key point is to find the executable and scientific working measures based on the human-oriented conception.

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