Psychological Experts Served for Drug Rehabilitaters
Jiang Qin, a lecturer on Psychology from Fujian Medical Institute brought a set of examination questions to conduct a psychological test for the drug rehabilitators.

(From   In the afternoon of February 22, 2009, a team of special guests -- university lecturers on Psycology, dual-doctors of Education and Psychology, some psychological consultants and even some psychological experts from Taiwan, paid a visit to Fuzhou Women’s Drug-rehabilitation Centre. Though the experts come from different places, they share a common wish, that is to help the drug rehabilitaters stay away from drug psychologically.

Jiang Qin, a lecturer on Psychology from Fujian Medical Institute brought a set of examination questions to conduct a psychological test for the drug rehabilitators. Miss Jiang told a reporter of Fuzhou Daily that the current psychological conditions of the drug rehabilitators were satisfactory.

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